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Our company


The company was founded in 1958 in the city of Barcelona as a family business. After several years of production and distribution of umbrellas and sunshades, part of the family returned to their ancestors’ town: Banastás (Huesca). Their objective was to give a new shape to the project they had put so much effort and dedication into.

Production started In 1972 in Banastás, a small town a few kilometres from Huesca.

For a few years they kept a branch in Barcelona, run by the part of the family still living there.

Eventually the whole of the company businesses got centralized on the project in Banastás, a situation that nowadays still remains unchanged.


The company’s buildings occupy 20,000 square meters out of a total area of 30,000

We use the most up-to date technology available for the production of sunshades and cushions, and we are in constant renovation. All items are fully manufactured in our facilities, since we work directly from scratch materials.
The company is divided into perfectly structured sections organized in a chain-work basis ending in a large assembly line.

All our facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date machinery for the production, packaging and storage of our products.

Our staff

Our board of directors incorporates founding members of the company together with second generation associates, providing our company with a strong and solid base built on experience while ensuring an open and positive approach to the future.

The Industrias Anjosa staff receives the internal and external training necessary in order to carry out their work in the most efficient way possible. We count on qualified personnel committed and dedicated to achieving quality in their work and in the finished articles.A good relationship between them and the rest of the staff is reached through the directors of each section.

Also the Sales Department relies in our representatives. They are the ones that every year efficiently offer our new products to our clients all over Spain, the European Union and many other countries.


All of our products are manufactured in-house from prime materials that pass rigorous controls as they arrive at the company.

The constant innovation in materials, and subsequently in the design of our products, ensures that they are competitive while also being attractive in the eyes of the consumer.


Our logo has also been improved to adapt to future needs. The company has launched a drive to introduce and establish the brand, with the objective of expressing the company standards in the most effective way. A CORPORATE IDENTITY manual has been produced, which reflects the strong values of unity between our past experience and our preparation for the future.

A technical design team has been incorporated to ensure that the product image and launch is well researched and planned in keeping with this identity.