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Date: 07/01/2021

Banastás (Huesca), 2021











INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA’s Code of Ethics is a document which contains the Code of Conduct for employees when carrying out their professional activity both in Spain and abroad.


This Code is delimited by the national and international law where its activity is carried out.


Employees must know and comply with each of the points of the Code, and the Company must make them known. The Ethics Committee should be contacted in case of any doubt.





The Code of Ethics applies to all INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA staff (individuals and/or legal entities). Each employee will receive a paper copy and another copy will be displayed on the Company’s notice board.


The purpose of the Code is to:


  • Establish the guidelines for the behaviour of all Company members, always within a professional, ethical and responsible framework.
  • Avoid illegal and criminal behaviour.
  • Form an Ethics Committee to compile doubts, improvements and complaints regarding the Code of Ethics. Always guaranteeing confidentiality and enforcing control mechanisms.





  • Responsibility

All INDUSTRIAS ANJOSAS employees are responsible for complying with this Code, and those in charge of the Company will help to resolve any doubts that may arise.


  • Legal Framework

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA staff will comply with the legislation established both in Spain and abroad, as well as the internal regulations determined by the Company. Any breach of the Code will be brought to the attention of the Ethics Committee.


  • Objectivity and professionalism

These values must be complied with by all INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA employees acting in good faith.


  • Protection of human and labour rights

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA is committed to respecting the fundamental rights in the countries where it carries out its activity.






  • Working environment

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA works to create a safe, dignified and friendly work environment. It stresses the importance of teamwork.


  • Equal opportunities, non-discrimination and prevention of harassment. INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA is committed to equal opportunities among its employees, to non-discrimination according to gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability …… and to the prohibition of any kind of harassment that may arise.

All Company members shall be treated with respect and dignity.


  • Worker training

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA agrees to provide workers with the appropriate training in order to improve their performance.


  • Health and safety measures

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA agrees to guarantee the necessary means and training for the protection of its workers, and these comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention regulations.


  • Confidentiality and data protection

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA employees must protect the information generated by the Company, and must not use it for their own benefit and/or communicate it to third parties without the Company’s authorisation. Likewise, INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA must treat personal data of all those people linked to the company confidentially and using internal procedures.


  • Use and care of the company’s assets

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA employees will use the resources given by the Company in an efficient way for the correct performance of their duties, being responsible for their correct use.


  • Company’s quality policy

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA’s management team believes it is necessary to establish, implement and maintain a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, applicable to all our processes that ensures that the expectations of customers and other interested parties are met, and that complies with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


  • Market

These are free competition markets where INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA acts in compliance with the established regulations and without infringing the law.


  • Link to suppliers

The selection of suppliers will be objective and impartial, for the benefit of the Company. Suppliers must commit to complying with certain values such as human and labour rights. The relationship between both parties must be lawful, honest and respectful.


  • Customers

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA agrees to comply with the contractual requirements and to possess the necessary human and material resources to achieve it.


  • End User

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA is committed to the use of fabrics that are not manufactured with chemical products, which are harmful to health and/or the environment.


  • Representatives and distributors

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA agrees to provide the necessary information related to the products, orders and services.


  • Partners

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA agrees to keep members informed at monthly meetings.


  • Neighbours

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA agrees to comply with the current legislation on environmental matters that may affect them.


  • Public administration

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA agrees to comply strictly with the current legislation on social, commercial, fiscal and tax matters.


  • Environment

INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA is committed to respecting the environment by using reduction measures throughout the entire production process, working with maximum energy efficiency and training its workers in environmental management.

Approved companies are in charge of removing the materials for recycling (metals, plastics, wood, etc.).


  • Preventing corruption

No INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA employee may offer, accept, request, … gifts, handouts, promises, favours, … from authorities, officials, suppliers and/or subcontractors. Employees will always act in a lawful, ethical and respectful manner in compliance with the regulations in force.

Employees must report to the Ethics Committee any indication of fraud, whether to the benefit or detriment of the company.




Everyone bound by this Code will be sent a copy in their own language and a copy will be posted on the Company bulletin board. They must be aware of its contents and comply with it. Any improvement, criticism, …. should be brought to the attention of the Ethics Committee.


The Ethics Committee is the body in charge of guaranteeing the Code.


It shall act on its own initiative or at the request of any employee, supplier, … upon a complaint made in good faith. You can reach us through the following channels:


FAX: 974-27-11-64


MAIL: Ctra. Lierta 12-16

22194 Banastas (Huesca)


The confidentiality of all data, documents, … in relation to the complaint will be guaranteed, except in cases required by law. Complaints must be identified and duly detailed. They will be thoroughly analysed and action will be taken in accordance with the legislation in force, in order to avoid non-compliance with the Code.  

Ethics and ensuring that the values, principles and guidelines of conduct of all the people who make up the Company are complied with.


INDUSTRIAS ANJOSA will exercise the legal measures it considers appropriate, in accordance with the legislation in force and the internal rules of the Company. Sanctions will fall both on those persons who infringe it and on those who are accomplices to such infringements.